Meet DJ RB

As dj, producer and Musician, Rb Khera aka DJ RB is one of Empire Entertainments newest editions. He is well known versatile dj that specializes in Bhangram Hip-hop, Top 40 & reggae. With a unique style and diverse musical knowledge, he has the ability to connect with and energize any crowd. Throughout North America DJ RB is recognized for his energetic mashups, that feature a blend of hiphop and mainstream anthems with new and old school Bhangra hits. Due to his quality of mashups, Dj RB has got a huge fan following gets thousands of plays on Soundcloud, making him one of the fan favourites among all of Empire Entertainments roster. With over 8 years experience in mixing, Dj Rb is a crowd pleasure that delivers both quality and performance, which makes him the go to dj for any event.